Building Management Systems and Control Systems

Building Management Systems and Control Systems describes the functionality provided by the control system of a building with distributed devices. The control system is a Computerized, Intelligent Network of Electronic Devices, designed to Monitor & Control the Mechanical, Electrical, Lighting and Other 3rd Party Systems from one source and can be access over the Intranet/Internet.

PBS offers fully integrated, fully inter-operable systems, integration means PBS bringing together various building systems {CCTV, Access, Barriers, Lighting, Fire Alarm & Other Services onto a Single platform}.

Thus combining the best controls from various devices – collecting data on DDC’s sending the same to Central Command Control Centre with unparalleled Building Automation Systems & Support.

The result is centralized and comprehensive building management – operated, controlled and monitored by an operator knowing what’s happening in and around the entire building and taking necessary corrective actions.

Industry-leading solutions come from an unflagging dedication to provide open systems and seamless integration of fire/life safety, security, lighting & other HVAC controls.

Intelligent automation systems reduce energy consumption & improve operating efficiency without compromising performance and comfort.
At IBTEKAR, we design and audit automation systems and controls systems for all building types, sizes and use. Our consultants have experience in both legacy systems and the range of new systems converged over open communication standards and interfaces.

These Include:

  • BMS Design & Supervision
  • Audit & Diagnosis
  • System Optimization & Energy
  • SCADA Design & Supervision
  • SCADA Security

BMS Audits & Optimization
A BMS typically controls 50-65% of a building’s energy consumption. If designed and installed correctly the BMS will provide comfortable internal conditions without wasting energy. In our experience, this is rarely achieved and we offer a BMS Audit and Optimization service to correct common faults.