Interface and Tracking management

The primary concept for integration & interface tracking is to deliver a fully integrated, safe, operable and maintainable System in phases. We achieve this by integrating each system into groups based on various logical criteria such as functionality, interdependencies and criticality. This allows each subsystem to be tested and integrated with other subsystems in manageable stages.

Tracking and scheduling the interfaces in a structured way with software tools is, in our experience, the only way of tracking progress against interface activities.

For all our projects we develop an Integration & Interface Management Plan that sets the stage for the following associated documents:

  • Detailed Interface Document – that tracks the status of subsystem interface definition and verification
  • Interface Control Document – that defines the subsystems’ interfaces and is signed off by all relevant parties
  • Integration / Interface test plans – that define the verification processes for the integration of various interfaces
  • Share of Works – drawings to define the split of responsibilities for different interfacing contractors
tracking management