LED Lighting Design

IBTEKAR has the expertise and experience to develop, design, We supply professional LED lighting products but our aim is not to stop there. In addition, we offer a bespoke design service and LED light programming, filling the gap between creativity and LED technology. Consultation on LED lighting helps customers understand the products and enables them to be used in creative projects to their optimum effect.

We are not just another Lighting Design practice, our company strives to understand the customers’ needs and offers creative solutions, a wide range of services along with personal communication exclusively for LED lighting.

Also we go beyond and we challenge design. We use our skills to design the future we have worked on Architectural and urban regeneration projects as well as high street design and regeneration.
We even start working in our new product range that includes LED lighting.
We are growing towards a multi-disciplinary design practice with a main focus is LED lighting design

Services available:

  • General LED Lighting consultancy for various projects
  • LED Lighting Design
  • Architectural and urban regeneration project
  • Light sculptures
  • Support to Architects, Designers and Artists
  • LED lighting programming
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • LED Luminary specification and procurement
  • Custom Designs of LED modules and production
  • Procurement Management