Al Amer Aluminum Factory Security Systems and IT Infrastructure

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Al Amer Group


80 Cameras with Storage 80 TB, IT infrastructure 250 points

About the Factory

Al Amer Factory For Aluminum Foils” is a local facility specialized in the field of manufacturing the packaging & disposable items & is subsidiary of “Al Amer Group”. The group is headed by Mr. Marwan Khazaal. Al Amer Group now consists of more than 20 companies in the gulf states & Eastern Asia. “Al Amer Factory For Aluminum Foils” is being managed by a team of qualified, experienced and dedicated professionals.


The Factory is the largest factory in Qatar , in New industrial area so they need high security and they need good IT infrastructure to manage the machines and the daily operation team

Scope Of Work 

We installed the Following :

  1. CCTV Camera Hikvision  QTY = 80
  2. Network Points QTY = 250 points using Cat.6 cable
  3. Access Points Dlink QTY= 30 AP
  4. Core  Switches  Huawei
  5. DELL Servers  QTY = 6
  6. ERP Systems
  7. Office 365
Rack with Dell Server
Dell Server